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- Olive Interceptive Umbrella



The umbrella for the olive collection, is formed by basket in form of C with a series of revolving poles for net, to surround the tree trunk. Hydraulically opening the reverse umbrella and lowering the poles up to touch the ground, the olive collection is executed by machines as OLIVE ONE or by manual olive pickers since it is possible trample on the most outside part of the net.


The olives fallen on the net, are made slip into the basket by hydraulic lifting of the poles controlled from the tractor driver seat. Such operations, must be executed on every plant, up to the filling of basket which is unloaded in the suitable container by manual door.The machine is taken by an agricultural vehicle (tractor), to which is attached on hydraulic hoisting deviace by three pivots.


The application of the interceptive umbrella on an excavator of 50 qli, is the optimum solution for this type of equipment: better mobility on the row and above all, bigger speed of execution of the operations between a plant and the other.


This solution is shown for olive-groves placed on terracings, on grounds with high slopes and on olive-groves with trees very distant among them. Therefore, by a tractor or by an excavator and with a single operator, you can have an easy and fast olive recovery avoiding the net handling operation.

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