- Deep Subsoilers



Talking of minimum tillage the plowing it has been considered, since many years, the most suitable way to optimize the soil fertility! Now it is not anymore like this!

GLOBO AGRI CULT present OLIVER — the very latest news in the minimum tillage!
OLIVER is more than a plough, more than a subsoiler, more than a sub-tiller that }*ou can find in the market.
OLIVER is unique in its kind; OLIVER is a deep solid and strong subsoiler suitable for the hard soil conditions.
OLIVER has been thought with a V formation. This particular V formation limits the power requirement, and therefore it is possible to have a bigger working width with contained power.
OLIVER is equipped with special Michel tines that grant the double layer job without reversing the layers at important depth. OLIVER is granting, in fact, a working depth of 600mm. The tines are all adjustable very fasti}' and easily. The underbeam clearance is of 8OOmm.
OLIVER is available in different dimensions: from 1,80 mt till 4mt with fix frame and up to 6mt with hydraulic folding frame.
OLIVER finally is equipped with 0 600mm back roller that refine the job previously done by the tines.

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