- Laser Land Leveller



Laser Land Leveller provides us to make the levelling with the less cost in the shorter time and without mistake by the help of laser system.The otomatic laser system is integrated with the strong and rigid structure of the machine.We can level our field as zero, mono or dual grade. The levelling of the agricultural fields is an important factor for product proceeds.Laser Land Leveller provides us to level on requested grade without mistake.It is not necessary to make excavation cushion map of the field.Only it must be done to measure codes from some specific points by the laser system.It saves expenses from the time and the other costs.It is not necessary to be educated for the operator about the field measuring.But operator skill is also important for the success of the machine.

For this reason, our efficients are training o the operator until completely learning for the first usage.Then technical support continues during the working of the machine.We have models from 2,5m to until 6m as working width. The machine is brought to working and transportation position by the hydraulic control easily. On the field that had been levelled by ILGI Land Leveller: - You use less and more effective water, your water consumption decraeses aproximately %35-40 - Your needless grass problem is decreased, your conflict gets more effective. - You can control the salinity problem on the soil. - The harvest maturity of your product gets uneventful everywhere. - Your cultivable space is increased approximately %30. - Your chemical usage decreases. - You spend less fuel. - You need less labour. - You get environmental benefit. - You make more practical,more regular and more enjoyable agricuture.

  • Topcon  Transmitter   with its special box  
  • 360 o Receiver
  • Control Box
  • Joystick Commander
  • Solenoid Valve Cables    

are standart with the machine. 2 years guaranteed system which was designed suitable for all  field conditions . Works without problem with the correct and conscious usage.

There are zero grade, mono grade and dual grade alternatives. The other brand mark systems can be prefered as optional.


The tripod which the transmitter tied had been made from aluminium and its usage is so easy. It provides the transmitter to be fixed safety on the field conditions and to be started up.


Blade left parallelism adjustment can be done sensitive by hydraulic control.


Elements of Hydraulic system is ready to work in heavy soil conditions continuously. 


Wing paddles goes up as the wing ends opened by folding with hydraulic control for transport position.This speciality provides to carry easier on the road and prevents  the blade and the frame to come to harm by banging to ground on the road furrows.


With hardened extra long steel blade ensures durable and deeper excavation.


With independent hydraulic tank ensuring possibility  of exploiting the tractor fluid power system . Hydraulic pump and reductor has compatibility with each tractor model.

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