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- Model TM-100 - Harvest Automation Mobile Robots for Distribution and Fulfillment


The TM-100 robot from Harvest Automation is a mobile autonomous material handling platform engineered for Distribution and Fulfillment operations. Building on the success of our HV-100 Nursery and Greenhouse robot, the TM-100 integrates seamlessly with your current operation and your existing workforce. This allows for low upfront costs while delivering substantial improvements in each-picking efficiency. Providing scalable and flexible warehouse automation, the OmniVeyor TM-100 will work safely alongside people and easily grow as your business grows.

  • The OmniVeyor TM-100 handles all product and order movement throughout an eCommerce warehouse while people concentrate on each-picking
  • Performs all the material handling functions of a conveyor, but without the costly and rigid fixed infrastructure
  • Works with existing infrastructure – no need for custom shelves or other costly equipment
  • Flexible and scalable as business needs change
  • Easily adapts to changing work flows and changing business needs with shorter time horizons

  • Advanced sensor suite for navigation and collision avoidance
  • Integrated tote manipulation
  • Seamless integration with all major WMS solutions
  • Safe to work among people

Efficient & Productive

  • Low Cost/Pick - Makes workers 3 times as Efficient as Pick-to-Cart
  • Increased Replenishment and Return processing speeds
  • Dramatic Reduction in Order Cycle Time
  • Low Up-Front Cost

Smart & Adaptable

  • Can adapt to any workflow
  • Operates in any warehouse layout – no change to current warehouse layout or structure required
  • Augments existing infrastructure
  • Simple integration with all tier 1,2 and 3 WMS systems

Scalable & Flexible

  • Add more robots as business grows
  • Use robots where and when needed
  • Re-deploy robots in new facilities

Safe & Reliable

  • Works safely with and among current workforce
  • Redundant systems minimize equipment downtime

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