Model OMRI - White Peat Media



This is a ready-made growing media for growing plants organically. All the raw materials are selected carefully in order to meet the stringent requirements of organic growing. Ingredients are either certified organically or inspected to meet organic requirements according to international standards.

Suggestions for use

Raw material for growing media, for soil improvement and as growing medium for plants
Pot size depending on the structure

Chemical characteristics
pH 2.5-4.5
N 8-20 mg/l
P2O5 3-7 mg/l
K2O 1-2 mg/l
EC <0.1 mS/cm

Structure 0-5, 0-6, 1-10 0-20, 6-20 6-40, 10-40 0-40, 20-40 mm
Density 140-160 kg/m3 or 180-200 kg/m3
Absorption 7-8 times its own weight of d.m.
Dry substance 80 g/l
Moisture 40-60%

Species Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content Min 95%
Ash content Max 5%

Litres kg Bags/ pallet Bags/ 40HC Bags/ truck
225 43 21 630 672
275 53 24 504 504

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