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On Time Handy Power Outage Monitor



An alarm sounds when the power has been off for 20 seconds or longer. Tapping the reset button will put the ON TIME to sleep. The ON TIME beeps once every 5 minutes when power is restored. It has low battery detection.

  • The ON TIME has many uses at home and on the farm.
  • You know when poultry and livestock are without ventilation, feed or water.
  • You know critical heating and ventilation is not available for greenhouses.
  • You know not to depend on AC powered alarm clocks.
  • You know when refrigerator/freezer power is off or has been off.
  • You will know when to reset your AC powered alarm clocks.
    • On your alarm clock
    • On your feeders, lights, VCR, DVD, etc.
    • On your microwave and ovens

The ON TIME has many uses at the work place

  • You know to check computers for damage that may have occurred overnight.
  • Time clocks need to be reset.
  • Your clocks for outside lighting and/or lawn watering need to be reset.
  • Phone systems need to be tested since the electronics were shut down.
  • Check security and fire alarm system batteries to see they have recovered from the power outage.
  • Check all battery backup systems for computers and emergency lighting.
  • Check refrigeration and cooling systems for proper operation.
  • Check everything that is susceptible to lightning damage since lightning causes many power outages.

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