- Model 52-7T-G16 - Medium Cranes & Trailers


Crane mounted on a 7 tonne trailer & fitted with a G16 grapple. This combines the smallest 7000 kg capacity trailer with the Oniar 52 crane and G16 Grapple. The Oniar 52 can lift 585kg at 4 metres and 490kg at full extension (less the weight of the grapple), the crane mounts directly onto the chassis of the trailer and is powered by the tractors hydraulics. The G16 grapple weighs 70kg and has a maximum gripping width of 1.22mts.

Oniar 52 Crane technical data: 
• Maximum reach 5.2 meters 
• Lifting capacity (gross) 33 kNm 
• Lifting capacity (net) 22 kNm 
• Slewing capacity (gross) 5,7 kNm 
• Slewing angle 390° 
• Recommended pump capacity 30-50 l/min
• Weight without rotator and grapple 530 kg 

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