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One Row Potato Harvester Machine



One row processing and lifting potatoes to the rear side, Excellent soil seperation by its special”Double Band System”, Works at soil conditions moreover humadity field, in winter season, Power Take Of(P.T.O.), 0,17 hectare/hour harvesting capacity (@ 2 km/h). -Conveyor band made up of steel rods which is the risk of wear minimum level and supported by agitator rollers with bearings.

CORNER Two Rows Potato Harvester Machine With Complete Sieve System

  • Absolutely,innovative,efficient,reliable,powerful.
  • Simple operation of settings and for
  • maintanance designed for easy harvest
  • even in difficult conditions.
  • 1400 mm operational width.
  • More sieving system from Corner.
  • Excellent performance on both
  • humadity and dry field conditions.
  • Extra performance at small stony
  • and sandy fields.
  • Excellent soil seperation by it’s
  • special Complete Sieve System.
  • Power take of (P.T.O.)
  • 0,3 hectare/hour harvesting
  • capacity (@ 2 km/h).

  • It reduces the workmenship and working time,
  • Simple and easy using,
  • %50 more productivity for workmenship and time,
  • If suitable parts are placed in front of the tractor, it works as same a.s. placed back of the tractor.

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