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ONE-Till can do it all – standard tillage, heavy tillage or vertical tillage. It’s all in how it’s configured and adjusted to your field conditions. The Rite Way ONE-Till will cut through the layers of trash and residue left behind from years of low-till and no-till operations. In the spring, ONE-Till will leave behind a firm, black seedbed that is warmed by the sun and ready for planting. It chops up the straw left behind from last year’s crop, cuts through compacted areas, and completely mixes the top one to three inches of topsoil and trash. It also levels out ruts and ridges.

In the fall, use your ONE-Till to crush and cut through the straw after harvest and mix it with the topsoil to help it break down over the winter. At the same time, you’ll be preventing wind and water erosion.

Configure your ONE-Till to address the needs of your field by choosing one of the many different options.  ONE-Till can even be adjusted on-the-go. Want to smooth out ruts left by your tractor? Simply lower the centre section. Passing close to a slough or wet spot? Change the disc angle on the section closest to the slough.

Standard Features

  • Two rows of concave discs with 5” spacing and independent torsion
  • One row of coil packers
  • Tires that withstand miles of travel at highway speeds and even weight distribution on the field – even in wet conditions.


  • Coulter spacing from 5”-7”
  • Interchangeable gangs of discs or replaceable individual discs
  • Suspension for each individual disc, every pair of discs or each 6-disc gang
  • Coil packer, basket-type packer or combination of the two
  • Flat blade coulters, notched concave discs or wavy self-sharpening concave discs
  • Disc scrapers also available

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