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- Silage Hopper


The One2Feed Silage Hopper is with horizontal storage and slow feeding/conveying of the silage, this way oxidation of the silage is avoided and ensures that the oldest food is used first. There can be loaded silage for 2-3 days without deterioration of feed quality. Dosage and cutting-up of the silage happens with the angled cutting-up unit, which batch the silage directly into One2Feed Mix. The Silage Hopper can handle cut or chopped blocks as well as loose silage.

Reliability and maintenance are keywords in One2Feed Silage Hoppers. Cutting-up unit has self-cleaning sprockets wheels and Walking Floor a simplified hydraulic feed system, both of which are newly developed and patented.

One2Feed Silage Hopper has effective content from 15 m3 to 42 m3 in astationary or mobile version.

One2Feed Silage Hopper

  • Collected removal of the silage  =>  no overturn
  • Horizontal transport  =>  no oxidation of the feed
  • Silage that is in-loaded first, comes out first
  • No blind spots  =>  no bad feed
  • No waste  =>  no daily cleaning
  • Cutting-up of the silage when dosing
  • Better utilization of the feed  =>  better economy
  • Large capacity  =>  silage for several days
  • Silage in blocks or loose
  • No maintenance costs


One2Feed Silage Hopper is provided with a completely smooth 'walking floor' for horizontal conveying of the silage. The system consists of three sets (3 x 7 pcs.) fiber profiles with 3 hydraulic cylinders pushed forward simultaneously and pull back one by one. The floor is maintenance-free and provides no waste or hidden places for bad silage.

The cutting-up unit can loosen, coarse parts and batch all types of silage - cut or chopped blocks of grass or corn, as well as loose silage - and batch it directly into One2Feed Mix feed mixer.

The cutting-up unit is provided with 3 tooth belts and transverse catchers with exchangeable blades e.g. for grass silage. The traveling speed is infinitely variable for an optimal batching. All parts of the cutting-up unit is hot galvanized.

To control the hopper a separate unit is supplied, or the control is integrated the One2Feed dosing unit.

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