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- Model 10T Series - Trailers


The trailer with 2 frame beams and 10 tons of carrying capacity can withstand in hard conditions. The trailer is designed for customers who use the machines on a daily basis. Price, quality and work efficiency are the best key words to characterize the product. Each trailer has a rear light protection system, a draw bar locking system and parking leg. It is possible to order the trailers with hydraulic or pneumatic brakes or without brakes. The draw bar can be ordered straight or angle version, with fixed draw bar loop or 360 degrees turnable. As attachments we can offer independent hydraulic system with pump and oil tank. To the trailer it is possible to attach two types of legs with 3-point fastening system (side-folding down and telescopic support legs). The trailer can be extended with trailer extension.

  • weight – 1600 kg
  • loading capacity – 10 000 kg
  • loading area – 2,25 m2
  • trailer frame profile – 200x100x5 mm
  • standard axles – 70×70 mm
  • standard wheels – 400/60-15,5

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