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- Model 67s Series - Crane


Oniar crane 67s is meant mainly for individual customers who need to use the machines regularly but not continuously. Crane is designed mainly for farmers who need an efficient but cost effective partner in their everyday work, lifting from full length about 440 kg. The crane has a welded slewing machine that is equipped with four slewing cylinders. The fold arm of the crane is equipped with wide-angle joint which provides the best crane kinematics and solid power transmission.  For the handling of cranes we offer different modern solutions – from full mechanical to Danfoss full electric proportional driving valve blocks.

Crane 67s technical data:

  • Maximum reach 6,7 meters
  • Telescopic reach 1,34 meters
  • Lifting moment bruto 46 kNm
  • Lifting moment neto 30 kNm
  • Slewing torque bruto 14 kNm
  • Slewing angle 390°
  • Reccomended pump capacity 40-60 l/min
  • Weight without rotator and grapple 880 kg

Valve block:

  • Main valve pressure 175 bar
  • Turning left/right 160 bar
  • Lifting cylinder section pressure, boom up/down 175/80 bar
  • Folding cylinder section pressure. boom up/down 175 bar
  • Telescope section pressure, telescope in/out 175/80 bar
  • Grapple open/close 175 bar
  • Support legs up/down 175 bar
  • Allowed voltage 12V

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