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Model OP BP140 - Liquid Ice System



It is important to cool the catch rapidly in the first hours after it is caught, as this can lengthen the shelf-life dramatically and improve quality.When it comes to preserving quality and freshness of the catch, it is a known fact that proper handling, rapid and efficient cooling is essential. The key to maintaining freshness and quality of the catch is initial rapid rate of cooling. This hinders the growth of bacteria and microorganism, the best method to achieve this is by use of Liquid Ice to fully submerge the catch in a way flake ice cannot.Our range of ice systems are ideal for on board use and within the processing plant.

Refrigeration Capacity:
107,0 kW/92,020 kcal/h or 2,208,000 kcal per 24 hours.

Variable production range:
Output can be varied from 1,780 L/h with 40% ice concentration to 3,650 L/h with 10% ice concentration.

Integrated pre-cooler ensures uniform production of Optim-Ice in water temperatures up to +15°C

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