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- Model HUD - Head’s Up Display System


The Optea Forest FalconTM HUD is a transparent display that presents data without requiring the user to look away from his or her usual working viewpoint/focus. This will allow the machine driver to stay focused in his work whilst at the same time read measurements / instructions / work-orders/warnings or whatever image you want to display. The Forest Falcon HUD is simple to install and even retrofit. It requires no maintainance or advanced training. It gives a crisp sharp image – according to your familiar Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Forest Falcon is based in the proven DLP imager technology from Texas Instruments. This makes the functionality of the Forest Falcon – intuitive and simple – as in any DLP projector product you have experienced. The system connects straight to your control system and is easily interfaced either by a keypad or an intuitive PC app (PC tab).

It receives VGA or HDMI inputs, and is controlled through Bluetooth,RS232 or Canbus.

Key Components of the System are:

  1. Projector Unit
  2. Combiner (Film or Rigid Type)
  3. Virtual Image (seen by driver)

Settings of image: brightness / colour / size / position are easily achieved. Presets like night mode, user favourites or similar can be used.

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