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The field rolling differs from the other surface treatments because it is directed not to loosening and shifting the soil, but to its firming, which is necessary in many cases - before sowing, after sowing as well as after the sprouting of the crops. By rolling the plowed soil before sowing is intended a primarily firming, which creates favorable conditions for the growth and development of the crops. Rough plowed soils are also rolled when the lumps can not be broken with tooth and disc harrows. The roller can be used on plowed fields in order to avoid the turning of the layers after they have been treated. In some cases the rolling of the top layer before sowing is designed to avoid deep sink of the boots when sowing small seeds in loosen soil.

The firming effect depends on the weight, the diameter, the structure and the operating speed of the field rollers, as well as on the moisture of the soil. When field rollers with equal weight are working, the one with the larger diameter will firm the soil in greater depth.

The operation of a field roller occurs on a depth of about 15 cm, the firming of the surface layer is bigger. If the field roller moves slowly, it will bring greater pressure on the soil.

The roller PEGAS is available with operational width from 4 m to 9 m.
It should be attached to tractors with a power from 60 hp to 150 hp.
The item can be equipped with heavy rollers, Cambridge rollers and smooth rollers.

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