Optimize Drying Processor



Automatically drying is the basic principle of every control unit which Agratechniek installed. Measuring and modulated controlled steering is a must by automatism a drying installations. The modification costs would be recovered by more economical drying with a better result.

Basic Principle to dry with the ADC Processor;

  • Seeds would be dried to the required moisture content.
  • Savings on costs and time; only drying with the right climate conditions.
  • Constant or dynamic air temperature / depends on drying process and installation
  • Dynamic airflow by drying different products, volumes and drying phases
  • Measuring of T° and RH, define Absolute Moisture (AM).
  • Read out measuring and parameter settings on a control screen and PC. All parameters are logged.
  • Drying process is visual by means of graphics. Overview in Excel.

  • Modulated heating system
  • Modulated air flow capacity
  • Modulated air valves incase of more separated drying sections
  • Sensor by incoming air flow
  • Sensor by outgoing air flow
  • Optimal integration of air dryers (humidifiers)
  • One control unit can control more than one installation.

  • Safe and sensible drying process
  • Process control and ‘traceability’
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Quick and efficiënt drying

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