- Post Driver



The OPUS is unique. It is unmatched and unrivalled in any class. Sitting with its big brother the proven DIADEM, the OPUS offers unsurpassed versatility and power, yet works off any tractor of 90HP+. Thereby allowing the ultimate machine to reach a wider audience.
With patents pending on its optional beam clamp and its design registration already given, it is more than worthy of its place in the WRAG stable.

Standard features, among many, include:

  • 300kg hammer (200kg optional)
  • Powerswing – works anywhere within 180degreee quadrant
  • Telescopic Beam
  • Powertilt
  • Hydraulic Front Legs
  • Adjustable Powerleg under mast
  • Freestanding when unhitched from tractor


  • 200kg hammer
  • Beam Clamp (patent pending)
  • Rockspike
  • Tow Bar

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