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- Model Trac II - Combine Reel-Auger Gap



Anyone who has harvested with a grain or flex header has seen crop hesitate in front of the auger, resulting in slugging, reel carry-over, and slower harvest speeds. HCC has closed that gap with the Orbit™ Trac II Combine Reel. This attachment for HCC combine reels has a revolutionary reel design that brings the tines right up to the auger to positively place crop into the auger, providing true continuous crop flow.

  • Continuous crop flow and less slugging
  • Positively places crop into auger
  • Adjust the combine reel path to specific header depth and auger size
  • Less wrapping in green crop
  • Retrofits all HCC tube-type combine reels built since 1990
  • Install on the farm in just a few hours

  • To improve continuous crop flow, HCC took the standard reel design and replaced it with a durable double track system. The Orbit™ Trac II Combine Reel’s unique shape allows the combine reel tines to break from their conventional circular path and swing directly past the auger. This pushes crop directly into the auger rather than dropping it on the header floor. Crop flow is positive. Buildup and slugging are reduced. So there’s no more heavy buildup or slowing down to handle tough crops.

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