Orchand Planter



The planting unit is intended for berry bushes and other similar plants.Due to the digging possibility of the second worker's seat, the planting of fruit and ornamental trees is possible. The use different coulters, with different widths and planting depths is possible. The planter is equipped with spacious baskets, which are suitable for any nursery material and with marking machine of the row distances. The plants are manually put into the column and the adjustable scrapers ridge the roots again and the bottom is compressed accordingly.

  • Length: 2,50m
  • Width: 1,20m
  • Height: 1,20m
  • Working speed: 0,2 - 2,0 km/h
  • Colter diameter: 220mm
  • Planting depth: 200- 350mm
  • Weight: 260 kg
  • Required tractor: min. 6 kN
  • Staff: tractor driver +1 to 2 persons

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