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Orchard and Vineyard Sprayers



This specific equipment is composed of several standard manometers with calibrated nozzle. It is rapidly connected on the spray boom in the place of each nozzle (all pressure are analysed simultaneously). It allows to realize 8 observations: stability of pressure (P), functioning of working manometer, loss of P between working manometer and the spray crown, equilibrium of the P between each crown sections and equilibrium left-right, loss of P within the sections, functioning the compensatory returns, defectiveness of nozzles bodies.

The basis equipment is composed of:

  • 12 pressure gauges 0 – 16 or 20 or 25 bar / accuracy: class 1 / ∅ 100 mm / glycerine bath / braking screw / overpressure security
  • 2 aluminium frames for the positioning of 12 pressure gauges + 12 spiral flexible pipes with double quick links

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