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The ORION-EGG is a computer that is designed to be applied in poultry houses in order to count the produced eggs in barn-reared and aviary barns. Depending on the number of houses, you can make a choice out of ORION-EGG-1, EGG-4, EGG-8. By placing the eggcounters in specific ways, it is possible to count the eggs per row, tier or barn. The ORION-EGG controls single / double lift systems or single / double elevator systems. The computer is in addition capable to train the most usual elevator systems, so that you can save a separate elevator control. The ORION-EGG can control the egg supply by correcting the speed of the egg conveyors, so that the optimum amount of eggs arrives always at the egg collection system.

Also the ORION-EGG remembers the amount of eggs that were collected the day before, using this information the ORION-EGG will control the egg belts. When egg belts are empty the ORION-EGG generates a signal to sent the lift to the next tier. The ORION-EGG / 'FWE' has possibilities for water- and feed registration. All of the necesary management information is stored and can be displayed in an overview, this will give you a clear image about the hens laying performance.

When collecting in multiple houses you can use a ORION-OPT to optimize the supply of eggs to the egg collecting room.

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