- Cultivation & Seeding Cultivator



ORLIK cultivation & seeding cultivator is designed to cultivate with grain drill on its own ground wheels. It is used for cutting ridges, shredding manure and breaking up sods on fallow lands, as well as sowing, which significantly reduces cultivation time. The unit is particularly useful for cutting and crushing sodded ridges, shredding green manures and mixing mineral fertilizer with the soil. It is also possible to perform skimming (without the drill), but under the condition that the field is not covered with couch grass and cutting of runners of couch grass will not create a better environment for their growth.

Standard equipment:

  • drawbar Cat 2 for a width of 3.0 m
  • two rows of discs, 460 mm in diameter
  • heavy tined roller, 500 mm in diameter, with single-point depth control
  • hydraulic system for lifting the drill to the transport position
  • mechanical lift lock
  • side protective screens for the version with a set of discs
  • adjustment of the lower three-point linkage for the drill
  • 3.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted

Optional equipment:

  • version with the cultivator
  • reinforced tine
  • illumination

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