- Corn Header Adapter


According to the results achieved in international field shows, these adapters have one of the best stalk chopper all over the world, consistently spread chopped stalk that contains small particles. Low fuel consumption compared to other adapters. Faster harvesting speed: up to 10-12 km/h, depending on the type of the substance / corn. Aluminium gear boxes, automotive industrial quality, lightened construction. Wear-resistant hard metal power-coated chopper knives. Modern cardan drive - Minimal maintenance.

Adaptable to every type of combine!
Increasing thresher capacity of the combine » wider cornhead needed
Available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 row with fixed and foldable frame.

The traditional chain drive was replaced with cardan drive, which requires minimal maintenance during the period of harvesting.

New appearence:
During the designing of the appearence of the Cornado adapter line our aims were to develop both a uniquely aesthetic design and a perfect solution for harvesting circumstances including slanting and weaker stalks.

Owing to the well-considered design of the end row-selector tips, it can work with minimum loss even in the most extreme stock of corn.

As a result of the white painting of the coverings, it is well percievable under low visibility or night harvesting circumstances.

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