Ortac is the original and the best oyster farming cylinder system. Recently a new use has come to the fore, the effective intertidal culture of European Native Oysters Ostrea edulis. These oysters are usually reared at low density in subtidal beds, Ortac has changed all of that. With its unique forced upwelling flow system the Ortac mirrors low densities but within a small container. If production targets of 5Kg (60 oysters) are chosen, then good growing sites will attain an 8mm grade to 80g in two and a half years without additional handling, just a final grade. All of this for a lower cost than standard oyster bags on trestles. If you have a Bonamia and Martelia free site with low exposure times and want to escape OsHv1 in Crassostrea gigas then this is the obvious diversification. (See Seed Supply for our part grown Edulis).

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