- Model MULTI-SEED - Tractor Mounted Seeder



Tractor top link mounted mechanical seeder. Suitable for precise seeding of all green leafy vegetables, such as baby leaf, rocket, spinach, corn salad, beets. usable in the field and also in greenhouses The seeder is the result of the customer request to be able to seed different products with the same unit, with no change to its parts. In a few seconds, it can be suitable to seed any leafy vegetables, such a baby leaf, Rucola salad, spinach, lamb salad, parsley, beets, etc.

It is possible to easily change seeds through a special collection tank, which does not allow to lose any product.

The stiff frame and different technical parts provide for an operating maximum seeding speed accounting for 10 km/H.

The seed-holder hopper and the two bigger rollers touching the ground are made in stainless steel. They are hydraulically power-driven, as to avoid hollows. Floating scrapers are fitted as to provide for the seeder self-cleaning.

Vibration produced by the electric motor and a shaker prevent vacuum inside the hopper and evenly spread seeds on the ground.

 Drill coulters are mutually independent; they can be adjusted at the seeding depth and width level, minimum 4 cm from a row to the following.

The seeder is available in four different seeding sizes: 120, 140, 160 and 180 cm.

For each size, a maximum of 20, 23, 26 and 29 seeding rows are available.

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