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You get dual action with Orvego fungicide: ametoctradin is a strong inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration in Complex III (cytochrome bc1) of oomycetes fungi. The active ingredient is classified by the US EPA as a Group 45 fungicide. Dimethomorph belongs to the group of cell-wall synthesis inhibitors classified by the US EPA as target site of action Group 40 fungicides. Orvego acts as a penetrant with translaminar and locally systemic activity following a foliar application. When used as a soil drench, it protects plant roots and crown as a translaminar, locally systemic fungicide.

Controls downy mildews and Phytopthora species

Orvego™ fungicide is a combination of ametoctradin and dimethomorph (the same active ingredient in Stature® SC fungicide).Orvego fungicide provides control of all major ornamental downy mildews and Phytopthora species tested, with excellent plant quality and safety. It’s also a great new product for grower rotational programs.

With the new active ingredient ametoctradin you get:

  • A new proprietary chemical class, pyrimidylamines.
  • A new resistance management tool for oomycete fungi; this Complex III inhibitor in the mitochondria cuts the energy flow of the fungus.
  • Control of major infectious stages of the target fungi; zoopsores burst within seconds when treated with ametoctradin

Key Pathogens Controlled by Orvego fungicide

Phytophthora species

  • P. cinnamomi
  • P. crypotgea
  • P. dreschleri
  • P. nicotinanae/P. parasitica
  • P. ramorum
  • P. syringae
  • P. tropicalis

Daisy downy mildew species

  • Bremia spp.
  • Peronospora spp.
  • Plasmopara spp.
  • Pseudoperonospora spp..

Where to Use Orvego fungicide

Orvego fungicide is labeled for use in greenhouse, field and container nurseries, lathhouses and interiorscapes.

Keys to Success

  • Use Orvego fungicide as a preventive application or at first sign of disease. Orvego fungicide has been shown to significantly reduce sporulation of downy mildew and Phytophthora fungi.
  • For crown- and root-rotting Phytophthoras: Use a sprench, or heavy spray, to crown with thorough wetting of surface (of pot or soil), or drench, directing all of the application into the soil surrounding the roots. When making drench applications never apply to dry soils or substrates, and do not irrigate or apply additional water to pots/plants for several hours to allow for fungicide uptake.
  • For P. nicotianae/parasitica: Use preventatively; if disease is present, control is best achieved when combined with mancozeb or when rotated in 14-day interval with Pageant® Intrinsic™ brand fungicide.
  • For sudden oak death: Orvego fungicide will limit the number of infection sites and stop sporulation of
    P. ramorum when applied prior to infection.
  • For downy mildew control: Apply Orvego fungicide on a 10–14 day interval and make no more than two consecutive applications. Combine with mancozeb when applied curatively under disease epidemic. Spray interval should not exceed 14 days when conditions are present for disease; rotate with Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide.

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