- Model C20 and C6 - Electronic Identification System



The OS ID® Bolus C20 and C65 are rumen pellets that enable tamper proof electronic lifetime identification of mature ruminant animals. Proven retention and reliability in the millions already in use. Tested and certified for safe use in ruminant animals in accordance with EU regulations.

These boluses combine superior retention with safe recovery in the slaughterhouse, preventing any risk to the food chain. An RFID glass  transponder is capsulated by high quality ceramic material and is sealed by a unique bolus plug. Bolusapplik 2- The Bolus applicators are available in two sizes: for the OS ID® bolus C20 and C65. The bolus applicators are easy to use and ensure correct administration of the boluses.  OS ID® holds an international patent on visual printing of bolus. Patent No. 0608250.

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