Model OS - Fruit Shaker



The fruit shaker OS is a 3-point rope shaker. It is front or rear mounted to the tractor and driven by the PTO. The 54-pound unit is normally equipped with a ten-meter-long steel cable that is hooked into the main branches of the crown. With the rope taut you begin the shaking process. The shaker is for over 20 years on the market and has so far sold more than 3500 times. With a rope shaker you quickly get the labor-free apples from the tree. The loop of steel cable is two or three times the floor hooked into each apple tree. This technique has been used successful for over 30 years, leaving no damage to the fruit trees.

The acquisition of very low-cost and robust fruit shakers are worthwhile already for farmers who have only a few fruit trees. This is supported by economic issues (30 percent time savings), but especially the relief of work. He who has shaken large apple trees by hand, knows that this is a very strenuous affair. There is also the risk of falling off the tree. The handling with the rope shaker is easy to learn

Compared to the conventional ladder principle, tree shaking is more than 50% faster when using our patented telescopic handle for fixing the roap onto a branch.

  • Easy assembly at front or rear PTO on ervery tractor with tree-point linkage category 1.
  • Robust bearing dimensioning (2800 kg)
  • Solid pipefram and most steady gear and conntecting rod available in the market.
  • Metal sheets are phosphate-treated and powder-coated. This gives much better mechanical  and UV stability compared to conventional paints.

  • Applications: appels, pears, plums, cherries, walnuts and other drop fruits.
  • Recommended power: tractors starting from 15 hp
  • Rope lenght: 10 m (standard) other lenght request
  • Rope diameter: 8 mm (standard) other diameter on request
  • Weight: 54 kg

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