Model OS Series - Telescopic Rod Shaker



Telescopic rod - Patented tool for securing the belt without the fruit shaker head. Here at Feucht we’re constantly striving to offer our customers the greatest possible efficiency and safety in the operation of our machines. In the past it was necessary to fix the head by a steel rope to the branches. This time-consuming and sometimes dangerous process is made a thing of the past by our patented tool. By means of an ingenious hook and loop technology, the operator can attach from the ground the steel rope to the branches and remove again after shaking.

  • The tape is attached to the rope rod with the help of telescopic rods to set the hook on the branch.
  • With the help of the telescopic rod hook is hooked on the rope hooks.
  • Shake the tree with the fruit shaker OS.
  • Unmount with the telescoping rod hooks.
  • With the telescopic rod and rope hooks are stored on the floor.

  • Use the telescopic handle to lay the fastener belt, connected to the rope, onto a tree´s branch.
  • Connect the open end of the fastener belt to the hook at the rope by using the hook at the telescopic handle.
  • Shake fruit from the tree by tree shaker type OS.
  • Disconnect belt and rope with the telescopic handle.
  • Use the hook at the telescopic handle to lift belt and rope back to the ground

  • Economic efforts:
    • Fixing shaker rope on a tree using the telescopic handle is at least 50 % faster compared to conventional method.
  • Safety efforts:
    • No more danger by breaking branches or wrong used ladders.

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