Shandong Osaint Machine Co., Ltd

- Model 2000BPH - Poultry slaughtering house equipment

Our product range consist of: Live poultry/bird reception unit: Cage conveyor, cage cleaning machine, auto stacker machine, cage sterilizer Scalding and defeathering unit: Corona machine, blood draining trough, high pressure spinkling machine, automatic scalder, automatic plucker, feather pump, neck beating machine, automatic claw cutter, claw removing machine, claw scalding machine, claw sking beating machine, deboning machine Waxing and de-waxing unit(Specially for goose, hen and duck’s processing): Wax immersing and wax cooling machine, de-waxing machine, wax immersing and cooling trough, Eviscerating machine Automatic eviscerating machine, carcass washing machine, By product processing: Blood collecting and processing, giblet collecting and processing, feather dehydrating machine, drying machine, Chilling unit: Air chilling system, spiral chiller, Cut-up unit Packing unit

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