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For nearly 30 years, hog producers have known that Osborne Big Wheel Feeders are the most efficient of any feeder made. With patented mechanical-flow design, 'no waste' has become an Osborne trademark. Osborne feeders set a new performance standard in the industry. Pigs turn a multi-spoke feed wheel in the bottom of the round feed trough. A feed sweep, located inside the bottom of the hopper and attached to the feed wheel, sweeps feed past the cone and out of the hopper. Bump bars located inside the hopper agitate the feed to keep it moving. Feed falls through the center hole into the trough, where the feed wheel dispenses it to the pigs. Feed stops flowing when pigs stop moving the feed wheel, radically reducing waste. Osborne Big Wheel feeders are available in Nursery, Wean-to-Finish, Finishing, Outdoor and Ad-lib sow models.

  • Fresh feed always available
  • Self-cleaning round trough with no corners for feed to accumulate
  • Round design allows for more standing room for pigs and take up less floor space than rectangular feeders
  • Durable and rugged design for years of useful life
  • Easy to clean
  • Mechanical feed flow reduces feed waste more than gravity flow feeders
  • Increase feed conversion rate

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