- Pivot Feeder



Maximize sow intake without wasting feed with an all new Osborne ad-libitum pig feeder! Revolutionary and economical, the Osborne Pivot Feeder is designed to save money from the start by easily retro-fitting it to existing bowls. Further savings can easily be achieved because animal interaction occurs at the bowl–not at the feeder. As the bowl fills with feed, the lever becomes covered making sows less likely to waste feed. Virtually all flex auger feed tubes fit into the hopper and the lever can be custom fit to match the height of the feed bowl in the head gate.

  • Easy to clean while attached to the sow bowl
  • Hopper opening accepts standard drop tubes for automatic filling
  • Easily retro-fits and installs to existing sow bowls
  • Feed dispenses ad libitum, distributing it uniformly in the sow bowl
  • Customizable with multiple lever options to perfectly match existing bowl configurations
  • Works well with wet/dry or dry feeding

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