- Model Mini 5 – 6M - Controlled Release Fertilizers



Osmocote Exact Mini 5 – 6M has been specially developed for applications in small substrate volumes. It is therefore ideal for pots smaller than 8 cm in diameter like plugs and trays with small compartments.Osmocote Exact Mini 5 – 6M granules are smaller than 'normal' Osmocote Exact granules. However this 'mini' version performs just as efficiently. A good distribution can be achieved in volumes beginning at just 20ml.

  • Complete package of trace elements and magnesium
  • Ideal for application in pots with small volumes
  • Uniform plant growth from great distribution of mini-granules
  • 100% coated and 100% safe for plants
  • Separates nutrition and irrigation
  • Simple application through mixing or topdressing

Osmocote Exact Mini 5 – 6M can be applied in the growing medium or by topdressing only after the roots of the plant have developed. It is primarily applied to combine the rooting stage with the repotting phase. This product is not recommended for dibbling a/o autumn / winter pottings. The pH level has to be adjusted according to crop requirements.

Granule Size (mm)0.85-2.0
Longevity5 - 6 Months

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