- Coulter Blades


The Osmundson coulter blade uses a boron based steel specifically engineered for quality and durability throughout the life of our global products. Today’s coulter blades are running at record speeds over record amounts of residue, the overall quality and consistency is as critical as it has ever been. Like our disc blades each raw element is carefully measured and analyzed to ensure consistency in every blade that leaves our facility.

Available Styles

  • Flat
  • 8 Wave
  • 13 Wave
  • 24 wave
  • Fluted
  • Bubble
  • Turbo©
  • Custom styles also available

Available Diameters

  • From 10’’ to 28’’ (254 mm to 712 mm)

Available Thicknesses

  • From .118’’ to .313’’ (3 mm to 8 mm)

Available Concavity

  • From 1/2' to 4' (13 mm to 102 mm)
  • Custom concavities also available

Available Edges

  • Single or double bevel
  • Residue Razor
  • Samuari©
  • Custom edges also available

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