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- Model A320/A321 - Smart Antenna



Features and Benefits: Dual frequency RTK (Real Time Kinematic) for 1-2 inch accuracy with the S3 and eDriveXTM units and other applications. 1-year warranty included. No annual subscription fees. The affordable precision GPS solution for row-crop and controlled traffic applications. Highly repeatable passes from season to season. No more folding, unfolding, greasing, welding or maintaining high cost disk markers. Available 3-year ESP (Extended Service Plan) unmatched in the industry. Robust 20 Hz receiver platform. Highly portable. Portable base stations provides multiple vehicle compatibility. 3-mile signal range. Ideal for tiling operations. Can interface with other brands such as Ag Leader.

A complete system includes one A321 base unit package plus one A320 tractor unit package. Additional A320 units may be added for multiple vehicles operating from a single base unit.

A 321 base unit package includes: A320 tractor unit package includes:

  • A321/radio
  • tripod
  • Battery charger with AC input
  • external battery cable with battery clips
  • battery/sealed lead acid
  • operator's manual
  • A320 receiver radio and antenna with magnetic mount base
  • CAN/dual serial port and pulse output cable (radar simulation for speed output)


Discover Simplicity - Setting up the A321 base station is as simple as setting the unit on the tripod and connecting to the battery. In minutes, you're ready for precision farming. When finished, disconnect the battery and you're ready to move to the next field. Just imaging the convenience of your own differential correction at the edge of your field with no annual subscription fees.

System Portability - Outback A320/A321 is a highly portable all-in-one design that can be quickly setup and transported to the next location.

Multiple Vehicle Capability - The A321 base station can simultaneously serve multiple vehicles, or farm operations.

Eliminate Disk Markers Forever - Never pay for another expensive set of disk markers again. In addition, you won't have to deal with folding, unfolding, greasing, welding or maintaining labor intensive disk markers in the field. Simply stated, RTK is the permanent solution to disk markers.

Extend Hours of Productivity - Outback A320/A321 provides the same level of accuracy at night when row markers are virtually impossible to see. This will dramatically extend the hours of productivity during time-sensitive planting and spraying seasons.

Suggested for applications in far northern USA or applications against trees and buildings. Requires a $1,500 one-time fee to unlock the A321 base unit and separate $1,500 one-time fee to unlock the A320 tractor unit. Contact us at Rural Manufacturing for more information.

Rugged Tripod Mount
Every A321 900 MHz base unit is equipped with a rugged, field proven tripod as standard equipment. Setup of the complete system takes less that 2 minuts.

The A321 400 MHz long range base unite (15 mile range) is equipped with a universal bracket for elevated mounting.

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