Outer Walls



Outer wall elements for construction of slurry basements are a new addition to the Greten product range. Like inner channel walls, they are a valuable asset to agricultural construction. The advantages of the inner channel walls are also reflected in the outer walls. One special advantage is that the outer walls can be erected on the fine level for the bottom. At the same time they form the enclosure for the foundation slab

Statically calculated starter bars enable correct inclusion in the bottom. The embedding points between the elements enable the integration of the column reinforcements for the rising bracing columns at the same time. After assembly of the outer walls, the bottomcan be manufactured in accordance with the static requirements. The combination of the outer walls and the inner channel walls expedites the progress of construction.

The outer walls can be furnished with recesses according to customer requirements at the factory. Customization of the manufacture of these elements to individual building projects is part of our standard service. Very high dimensional accuracy and quality of the employed materials are always a minimumrequirement for Greten. We would be pleased to advise you and send you a non-binding quotation for your planned Building project.


Length and height of the outer walls are based on your individual plans.

Certain elements are always manufactured based on the construction site requirements

System widths: 25.0 cm; 30.0 cm; 36.5 cm; 40.0 cm; 45.0 cm und 50.0 cm

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