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OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL Biofertilizers : increase soil and plant capacities. I-4613 : Microbial inoculant (Pseudomonas Putida I-4613) - N° d'AMM 1150018 - Improve plant biomass and yield (Water-soluble powder). GR200 : Optimize soil conditions - Mineral Amendment (Calc-magnesian) (Granular). MG-Start : Long period starter effect on the crop - Fertilizer (Microgranular)

Terms of use

 OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL - The range with 3 application modes : 

  • I-4613 : by sprayer, (on seeding)
  • GR200 : by fertiliser spreader,
  • MG-Start : by microgranular seeder.

Mechanical or sprayer incorporation before or after seeding. A soil liming can be necessary before application.



I-4613 : Improve plant biomass and yield. revivals biological activity. 

  • We provide Pseudomonas putida I-4613 bacteria strain in the soil. This new selected bacteria strain enable fundamental humification process in the soil. The strain is able to make available fertilizing elements, stimulate plant rhizosphere and influence its implantation and growth.
    The plant increase its yield potential. 

GR 200 : Restore soil fertility, through the use of calc-magnesian materials. 

MG-Start : Long period starter effect on the crop. stimulate germination and plant growth thanks to specifc N and K inputs.


Ovalis Rhizofertil - 3 products - 3 packaging formats : 
  • I-4613: Bucket 10 kg (Water-soluble powder)
  • GR200: Big Bag 600 kg (Granular)
  • MG-Start: Bag 20 kg (Microgranular)

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