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OvaRH (sGnRHa) is an injectable spawning product specifically developed to induce gamete maturation in a broad variety of fish species: OvaRH is a synthetic analogue of Salmon GnRH. OvaRH is a patented molecule that is manufactured to meet drug standards. OvaRH is up to 17 times more potent than LHRH in fish. OvaRH is effective in many species including salmon, trout, carp species and catfish species.

If the intended OvaRH use is to treat food fish, or fish for release into the wild, then it must be used according to the FDA's guidelines for Investigational New Animal Drug Application (INAD) # 12-186.  More information including INAD application forms, study protocols, study summaries, etc. can be obtained from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's office of Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program (AADAP).  The AADAP office has streamlined the INAD process and the staff there are very helpful.  If you are interested in using OvaRH to treat food fish, or fish for release, please contact the AADAP office.

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