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- Model Mosquito - Weed Rippers



The Mosquito by Nimos is a pedestrian controlled Weed Ripper, ideal for back edges, pathways etc and can also be used with alternative brushes for removal of moss etc on block paving and other sensitive surfaces.

The Mosquito has the benefit in that it removes detritus as well as weeds, so removing the bed in which new weeds will grow, it also gives an instantaneous effect in that weeds are gone rather than dying and remaining in-situ as with spraying. Powered by a Honda 5.5hp engine running on unleaded petrol, it proves to be an efficient, economic and environmentally friendly way of cutting out/back weeds, grass and moss from hard surfaces e.g., curbs, slabs, concrete slipways and paving without surface damage, giving an immediate visual effect. Available with optional brushes for different surfaces.

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