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- Model SF and LF - Shearbolt Ploughs



SF and LF models feature shearbolt protection system designed to break with a pressure of 3.000kg at the plough point. There are two models available, depending on the working width adjustment. The SF model has hydraulically variable working width between 30 and 50cm per body approximately (depending on the body spacing), whereas in the LB model, the working width can be set manually at four different steps. Depending on the prevailing conditions, different under-frame clearances -72, 78 , 90 cm-, or body spacings -85, 95, 105 cm- can be chosen. For extreme conditions where very large amounts of trash are to be tackled with, there is a Big Clearance version with 90cm under-frame clarance and 105cm body spacing.

There are as well, four Series or structural frames, depending on the available power. Thus the frame, headstock, and other essential parts are sized according to the work which they will be demanded.

Ovlac reversible ploughs are the product of a broad and extensive experience, which is imprinted on the design. The main frame is reinforced at its front part – where it is most needed- and is 100% welding-free in order to minimize stress points. Short distance from the first body to the headstock to reduce the required lifting power. Great ease of use and adjustment (skimmers can be adjusted without tools, to give an example). Different types of wheels and accesories are available to adapt to any use and working condition.

The range of Ovlac reversible plough designed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

  • Shearbolt security system designed to break at a pressure of 3.000kg.
  • Vario version ( SF ) or  4 steps regulable width  version ( LF )
  • 4 Series depending on the available power.

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