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- Model 9000 - Berry Harvester



Oxbo builds on the strength of the Korvan brand with the model 9000, an over-the-row raspberry, blackberry, and caneberry harvester. The design of the Oxbo 9000 allows efficient in-field operation and effective harvesting. Curved belts minimize fruit drops to deliver the highest quality fruit. Oxbo backs every Model 9000 with local parts and service, both through dealers and through Oxbo facilities.

Fruit Quality

Oxbo continues the legacy of the Korvan brand and the reputation of Korvan harvesters mechanically harvesting the highest quality fruit. Features built into the Oxbo 9000 to ensure high quality fruit include:

  • A curved belt delivery system for minimal fruit drops. The belting system allows for high fruit volume without sacrificing fruit quality.
  • NEW Knife edge cleaning system. Positioned at the first belt transition, this system gently and effectively blows debris out of the machine.
  • Orbirotor® picking system. The Orbirotor has proved year after year that it delivers high quality fruit than any other picking system available today.

Harvester Quality

Designed and built in the US to the highest manufacturing standards and to CE compliance, the Oxbo 9000 has been built to give long lasting performance. The model 9000 features expanded stainless steel sides and polycarbonate catchers to be gentle on plants but still capture the most fruit. The 9000 also gives you automatic steering and automatic leveling for ultimate fruit retention. You can also customize your Oxbo 9000 with the many available options:

  • Big Foot tires & rims (600/40-22.5)
  • Posi-traction
  • Food grade oil
  • High density catcher plates (4 3/4 inch spacing)
  • Straight belt fruit delivery system


The Oxbo 9000 raspberry harvester features a reliable Cummins® diesel engine. Key components of the harvester, like catchers, buckets, and belts have been designed for a long life.

Parts & Service Support

At Oxbo, we understand the importance of up-time during the season. That's why every Oxbo 9000 is backed by a local dealer with factor trained service staff and a wide range of replacement parts. Together, Oxbo and local Oxbo dealers are committed to taking care of you, our customers, for the life of your Oxbo harvester.


Length: 18ft 3in (5.56m)
Width: 10ft 9in (3.27m)
Min. Height: 10ft 3in (3.12m)
Lift: 2ft  (0.6m)
Inside Catchers: 2ft 5in (0.74m)
Tunnel Width: 4ft 7in (1.4m)
Weight: 10,000lbs (4,545kg)

Size: 600/40-22.5

Engine: Cummins® 63hp diesel

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