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- Model 9120 - Raspberry Harvester



IQF Harvester: Oxbo is proud to introduce the new model 9120, designed to harvest IQF raspberries. Working with industry experts, Oxbo design engineers built the 9120 with a fruit delivery system geared toward maintaining the highest possible fruit quality from the plant to the flat.

Superior Fruit: The 9120 delivers several features aimed at maintaining your fruit quality:

  • Minimal drops, minimal drop height: Minimal fruit transitions and the lowest drop height increase quality.
  • NEW fluid bed cleaning system: The improved cleaning action of the 9120 efficiently and effectively removes debris and is still gentle on the fruit.
  • Orbirotor® system: This rotary style head has set the industry standard. It moves freely with the plant and gently removes ripe berries
Superior Quality

The Oxbo 9120 raspberry harvester features a reliable Kubota® 48hp diesel engine. In response to customer requests, the 9120 delivers many features designed to deliver consistent in-field performance and high quality fruit.

Unibody design: The inspection height remains constant. Also easy to unload fruit

23-inch harvester lift: Machine accommodates all field types.

Short wheel base: Delivers industry leading maneuverability.

Plus+1 Control System: Easily set harvester height, improved safety, and diagnostics. Easy to add additional functionality, like GPS and yield monitoring.

Rip-stop buckets: High volume, easy to replace buckets maintain fruit quality

Length: 17ft 8in (5.38m)
Shipping length: 14ft (5.04m)
Lift: 23in (0.58m)
Width (25-inch deck): 12ft 4in (3.5m)
Width (15-inch deck): 11ft 6in (3.51m)
Min Height: 10ft 4in (3.24m)
Weight:: 9,500lbs (4,227kg)

Standard tires: 31x15.5-15

Engine: Kubota®
Horsepower: 48hp
Tank Capacities
Fuel: 30 gallons (113.5L)

  1. Orbirotor picking system: Every 9120 comes standard with Oxbo's Orbirotor picking system to deliver high quality fruit.
  2. Side operator platform: Operator has full visibility and easy access. All controls are within reach.
  3. New fuild bed cleaning system: Delivers high quality, clean raspberries to the flat.
  4. Additional storage for empty flats: The rear of the 9120 provides an extra 18.2 square feets of storage for empty flats to keep the machine working in the field.
  5. Ample on-board storage: The 9120 delivers 66.4 square feet of storage on the side deck, providing ample room for full and empty flats
  6. Tight turning radius: The harvester can quickly turn around in tight headlands.
  7. Road speed: The 9120 delivers up to 14mph road speed with two speed wheel drives for better in-field and road performance.
  8. Easy engine access: The 9120 delivers easy access to the engine compartment for quick servicing.

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