- Floating Cage System


The Oyster Ranch floating cage system was designed by growers for growers to be easily handled by one person when flipping, sinking and re-floating. The entire system is manufactured to provide the following important features.

  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • 4 Standard Oyster Bag Capacity
  • Center Shelf / Separates Bags
  • Heavy Duty 8 Gauge PVC Coated Wire
  • Large Mesh - Unrestricted Water Flow
  • Minimized Fouling
  • Extra Large Screw Caps on Floats

Now small to large oyster growers can farm in a secure easily managed floating/sinking caged system that is designed to be used in 1 of 3 possible positions:

  1. Growing - Cage and oysters are submerged allowing the oysters to feed and grow rapidly.
  2. De-Fouling - Cage and oysters are suspended above water allowing for de-fouling.
  3. Sinking - Float caps removed, floats flooded, cage sitting on seafloor for over-wintering below the ice.


Oyster Ranch cages are available as pre-assembled ready to use units or shipped as do-it-yourself flat pack kits with all panels needed to assemble complete cages. We also supply high quality professional tools needed for DIY applications such as the wire mesh panel benders, pneumatic clip guns and aluminum clips. Complete instructions for bending the panels and a short do-it-yourself assembly video are available for download on the web at youtube.com/user/godeepinternational.

Designed for use with standard vexar oyster bags, the Oyster Ranch cage can be fitted with 4 bags double stacked 2 per side. The wire mesh center shelf inside the cage separates the upper and lower bags allowing for excellent water flow when in the growing position and improved air circulation when in the de-fouling position.

Optional wire mesh float risers provide additional separation between the vexar bags, floats and water achieving optimum air and water circulation when the cage is used in both the growing and de-fouling positions.


The Go Deep Oyster Ranch cage with 4 oyster bags (2 per side)

Bags squared to be 3 inches high

Oyster Ranch cage panels are made from heavy duty 8 gauge square mesh wire that is galvanized after welding and PVC dipped to form a thick consistent coating. The body panels and center shelf are made from 4.5' x 4.5' square mesh for unrestricted water and air flow. The cage body can be fitted with 1-1/4' square mesh reinforcement panels on both sides and float risers to increase water and air flow. The floats are one piece construction molded from 100% virgin UV stabilized polyethylene. Each Oyster Ranch float has two extra large 4.5' diameter removable screw caps to allow for rapid flooding and easy draining.

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