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Jojoba Growing & Care Instruction Manual

An easy- to- follow Guide for new growers CJP carefully manages Jojoba Plant cultivation, with advanced crop practices suitable to local soil, weather, pest, and disease conditions to ensure the high amount of oil as we have developed enhanced technology with regards to:- Ø Planting materials & other inputs Ø Crop Management Ø Irrigation Management Ø Fertilizer Management Ø Pest & Diseases management. Ø Harvesting Management Ø Post harvest management Ø And finally grading for further process An easy to follow growing and crop care instructions manual for encouraging & enabling the rural farmers/new growers to start the Jojoba crop cultivation in a right and proper manner to ensure a Failsafe JOJOBA farm.

Customer reviews

  1. By Ashraf Omar on

    good book in the jojoba propogation

  2. By abhishek maharshi on