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Pongamia Growing & Care Instruction Manual

The planting, looking after and harvesting plants is an important factor and it requires a lot of knowledge, skill and techniques viz: the best planting season to make the plant early matured, then an amount of seeds to be planted, an irrigation & fertilization method, a control method of weeds, investigate quality, yield, and degree of occurrence of several troubles .As all biological organisms require care and attention, the need to draw Growing Instructions was being felt by all concerned. Therefore keeping in view Various concerns and problems of a new Grower; CJP being “The Centre of Excellence” has designed Pongamia Growing & Care Instructions Manual with Monitoring on the basis of our own tried, tested, developed and experienced Plant Propagation and Cultivation Technologies and Practices to help you grow a Failsafe Pongamia Fuel Farm. The Pongamia Growing & Care Instructions manual provides basic guidance for the project developers to help ensure successful Pongamia planting pr

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