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Model P2 - Grain Pedestal



Pile-Dry Pedestals are vertical and visible in the store. Typically they are spaced at least 6 metres apart so loading and unloading grain around them is achieved easily. For grain stored at c.3m (10′) with surcharging up to c.4.5m in the middle of the store. Allow one P2 pedestal per 6m x 6m (20′ x 20′) area – 3m from the walls and 6m between each one. In high moisture grain (18% plus) put them closer together. Spacings apply equally to all crops. Basic height of 10ft (3m)

From 100 tons to 22,000 tons, from converted cattle sheds to purpose-built commercial grain stores, for the past 40 years Martin Lishman grain cooling and ventilation Pile-Dry Pedestals have been the number one choice as part of a professional crop storage system.

Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans are the fastest low volume grain cooling system and the only pedestal system that will dry grain. Backed by research from HGCA and CSL, you can be sure that these grain pedestals will help you meet your crop storage objectives.

Fast Cooling

Martin Lishman grain cooling pedestals are the fastest low volume cooling system, operating at 20% above the required rate.

Grain cools quickly and evenly to conserve quality, without the need for insecticides.


Pile-Dry Pedestals will cool, dry and condition grain, long or short term in bulk stores, bins and silos.

Martin Lishman grain pedestals have been used with all bulk stored crops- cereals, rape, rice, beans, peas, potatoes, wood chip and many more.

Proven Success

Martin Lishman can draw on 40 years of successful experience with their grain cooling pedestals to provide the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, practical and convenient way to do the job.

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