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- Model P4 - Rotary Tedder



In SaMASZ offer there is six tedder models. Four models with 4-rotors: P 4 - 470 and P 4 - 530, P 4 - 530 C (trailed version) and P 4 - 531, as well as 6-rotor models P 6 - 650 and P 6 - 770. Owing to their high efficiency, quality and durable design, rotary tedders became well-known to the Polish market and are winning foreign farmers’ trust.

Intersecting Gearbox
Solid and hermetic design of all intersecting gearboxes make ro- tors absolutely maintenance-free. Work in oil -bath with permanent lubrication increases its longevity.

Even layout of spread ma- terial thanks to perfect tine arms overlapping,

Protective guard against winding the crop on the whe- els and inner tubes ensure smooth and trouble-free operation.

Suspension mechanism ena- bles setting the machine in central position during lifting. Tension of damping braces is an additional support.

Tedder arms are lifted to transport position by means of hydraulic cylinders.Once lifted to transport position, the machine is stabilized automatically behind the tractor.

High-range Spreading Angle
Possibility of tedding the swaths with dif- ferent thicknesses owing to regulated angle of spread.

Manufacturer's Advice
There is a possiblity to set the wheel angle, change of which, helps when taking turns on uneven fields. Setting the angle from steep to shallow is easy to carry out, on the brac- kets that hold the wheel arms (pin and hole system). Better work results when working along boundaries can be achieved by turning the wheels left or right respectively.

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