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- Model P452-R - Poly Cam Gauge Two Outlet Applicator



45-lb. capacity natural color (see-through) row crop applicator with matching lid allows operator to visually gauge remaining product in the hopper. To keep the elements out, a weather-tight lid is held securely in place with two latch straps. Package consists of poly hopper with a two outlet bolt-on stainless steel bottom and slide, resilient rubber rotor bar, 'U' frame bracket with 1/2' pre-drilled holes and slots for surface mounting.  Precision cam gauge regulates openings in the bottom to apply the recommended rate. With the cam gauge set to the desired position, granular chemicals and small seeds flow through the precisely regulated openings at a constant rate. Material is continually supplied to the opening by an internal rotor bar powered by an optional 12-volt electric drive, hydraulic drive or ground drive. EM package with tubing, stabilizers and clamp straps are optional. Some assembly required.

45-Lb., Poly Hopper with Cam Gauge for Insecticides and Herbicides

  • 45-lb. capacity poly hopper (translucent) with UV and anti-static protection
  • Translucent weather-tight cover with latch straps
  • U-frame bracket with 1/2' pre-drilled holes and slots for surface mounting  
  • Bolt-on stainless steel bottom and slide are mated and precision tooled- removes easily for cleaning
  • Precision cam-gauge sets rate - uses top of the stop as gauge point and adjusts openings in applicator's bottom. When tightened, gauge maintains position
  • Rugged, five bladed 8' rubber rotor bar supplies material to openings and restricts material flow when rotor drive stops
  • Porous, oil-impregnated bearings
  • Weather-guard seals and bearing retainers

Choice of drives - 12-volt, hydraulic or ground drive (non-speed compensated); Band product with 5', 7', 10' or 14' Ro-Banders; To connect hoppers when mounted in-line there are two connector drive packages; Hopper extension for an additional 30 lbs., of capacity; Adjustable (14'-24') tool bar mount

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