Model PA-17 - Heavy Duty Linear Actuators



Our PA-17 industrial linear actuators are there when you need power and force, all packaged in the convenient actuator form. These heavy pushers are perfect for industrial and engineering applications, and can lift thousands of pounds without effort.  The units got 850lbs or 2,000lbs of force available, with stroke sizes ranging from 1'-24' and speeds of 0.33'/sec and 0.66'/sec, making it a durable, reliable automation solution.  Everything that you see on our drop down menu is in-stock and ready to ship right the way.

  • Control Boxes: Each industrial actuator we carry can be easily and quickly connected to any control box that we offer with one exception. The PA-17 cannot be connected to our PA-20, PA-24 and PA-22 control box models.
  • Mounting Brackets: We have designed BRK-17 mounting brackets specifically for our PA-17 industrial actuators. A mounting bracket can be installed on each end, providing you with a full 180° of rotation and a versatile, rugged mounting option.
  • Applications: You will find these linear actuators used most in high-force applications like manufacturing and construction. Agriculture machinery and construction machinery often use industrial actuators for lifting heavy loads again and again. These actuators can be used nearly anywhere you’ll need to lift a heavy load reliably.
  • Customized Industrial Actuators : We would never be able to keep all the types of heavy duty actuators in stock for every project and application out there, but we can still custom create one for you. When you can't find the actuator you need for your application, let us know the specifications and we'll manufacture it for you.  Contact our customer service department and let us know what your specifications are. We can customize a heavy duty actuator according to: Speed | Internal Limit Switches | Stroke | Force | Voltage | Mounting Holes | Wire Lengths | Dimensions

  • Input Voltage : 12V DC
  • Stroke : 1-24 inches
  • Force : 850 lbs and 2000 lbs
  • Speed : 0.33'/sec (2000 lbs); 0.66'/sec (850 lbs)
  • Protection Class : IP65
  • Operational Temperature : -25C~+65C
  • Noise : db<45(A)
  • Duty Cycle : 20%
  • Limit Switch : Built In, Adjustable
  • Current (full load) : 20A
  • Mounting Holes : 0.50'
  • Screw Type : ACME
  • Housing Type : Stainless Steel
  • Wire Length : 40'
  • Fully Retracted : 9.5' + stroke
  • Fully Extended : 9.5' + stroke + stroke
  • Certifications : CE
  • Unit Weight : 0 lbs
  • Warranty : 18 Months

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