Wilson Trailer Company

- Model DWHB-500 - Double Wall Aluminum Hopper



Lightweight, long-lasting aluminum and Wilson's tested-tough construction results in a trailer able to endure varying extremes and road stresses, while achieving some of the industry's best load capacities. Corrosion resistant aluminum means less valuable time is used dealing with the rusting issues of steel. You will appreciate the lower costs of ownership a Wilson trailer can deliver.

The aerodynamic pluses of Wilson's smooth, closed end trailer design maximize fuel efficiency and payload while minimizing your cost per load. The fuel savings realized over the longer lifespan of the trailer adds to your bottom line and your value in the trailer.

Clean aerodynamic lines, lightweight but solid aluminum construction, and top-ranked customer satisfaction are only a few of the qualities that help make the Wilson Super-B the most preferred trailer in its market. Wilson recognizes the needs of today's hauler and makes the most sought after features standard on the Super-B. Check out the many advantages below to see how a Wilson is your best value.

Wilson's open-design king pin area transfers weight to the side rails. With its strong, flexible and clean designs, cross bracing that would otherwise collect debris, add weight and lead to corrosion becomes unnecessary. Unobstructed access to the nose area allows for much easier cleaning and maintenance, plus there is more clearance for truck frames when maneuvering over raised areas.

Wilson uses a Corsol™ coating throughout the king pin assembly. Components treated with Corsol™ become highly chip resistant and galvanically non-conductive so dissimilar metals can be fastened together. This coating permeates the steel to help resist corrosion from the inside out rather than the outside in. For additional protection between dissimilar metals, Wilson adds a polymer material barrier around the perimeter of the king pin component.

Notice the continuation of the standard full length inside skin on the sidewalls. Wilson provides a much cleaner way to haul!

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